Blockchain action against COVID-19 Greece


Athens Covid19 Response.

About us

During these times of social distancing, we don't remain idle: we are bringing blockchain to the battleground to aid the coordination of efforts directly responding to the COVID19 situation in Athens and beyond, to help get funds to where they are needed and providing digital tools in support of a network of solidarity and mutual assistance for the 3D printing of vital medical equipment in short supply.

‌The initiative does not aim for profit: any funds raised by donations / sponsorships and crowdfunding is used to cover immediate needs and shortages.

What is a DAO and why we are using one

A Decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) is a decentralized decision-making structure,  an organization where governance and decision-making systems are programmed immutably on a blockchain — hence the terms “decentralized” and “autonomous.” This makes DAOs fully transparent, and immutable.

We are using a DAO structure to support an open network of collaboration and coordination between makers of medical gear using 3d printers, laser cutters, and other initiatives responding directly to the COVID19 situation.

Sharing open-source data and plans through open processes 

Horizontal networking, without institutional mediation

 Solidarity with those in need of hospital equipment, especially with regard to medical centers in remote areas, social clinics, regional structures working with vulnerable groups, etc. 

Strengthening local communities and support local initiatives through networking and collaboration.

  • Crowdfunding and sending urgent financial aid to where it is most needed, immutably, transparently and with accountability. Tracking volunteer's contributions.

  • Supporting the creation of open-source tools, for better response, information distribution and effectiveness.

Connecting our local efforts with a global network of response teams and initiatives working on similar issues.

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Coordination tools

Open-source Resources and Information

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We join a global network of response teams that are emerging all over the world, leveraging blockchain in the fight against Covid-19:




How to donate to the DAO:

Once you have bought Ethereum you can just send it to this DAO Ethereum address: